Environment Variables

SerpBear requires an .env.local file to be present in your build. The env file should contain these variables:
USER: The username you want to use to login to the app. If you are trying to run the app in a mac computer, instead of using USER variable, use USER_NAME . example: admin
PASSWORD: The password you want to use to login to the app. example: 1234567
SECRET: A secret key which will be used for encrypting 3rd party api keys & passwords. example: 4715aed3216f7b0a38e6b534a958362654e96d10fbc04700770d572af3dce43625dd
APIKEY: API key that will be used to access the apps API. example: 5saedXklbslhnapihe2pihp3pih4fdnakhjwq5
SESSION_DURATION: The duration(in hour) of the user's logged in session. example: 24
NEXT_PUBLIC_APP_URL: The URL where your app is hosted and can be accessed. example: http://localhost:3000 or