Environment Variables

SerpBear requires a .env.local file to be present in your build. The env file should contain these variables:

USER: The username you want to use to login to the app. If you are trying to run the app on a Mac computer, instead of using USER variable, use USER_NAME . example: admin

PASSWORD: The password you want to use to log in to the app. Example: 1234567

SECRET: A secret key that will be used for encrypting 3rd party API keys & passwords. example: 4715aed3216f7b0a38e6b534a958362654e96d10fbc04700770d572af3dce43625dd

APIKEY: API key that will be used to access the app's API. example: 5saedXklbslhnapihe2pihp3pih4fdnakhjwq5

SESSION_DURATION: The duration(in hours) of the user's logged-in session. example: 24

NEXT_PUBLIC_APP_URL: The URL where your app is hosted and can be accessed. example: http://localhost:3000 or https://serpbear.mydomain.com

SCREENSHOT_API: (Optional) By default, the website screenshot thumbnails are fetched with thum.io API using an API key created for SerpBear which has a 1000/month limit. When this limit is crossed, it fails to fetch screenshot thumbnails. You can create a free account on thum.io and insert your own thum.io API auth value to avoid facing the API limit issue. After creating an account, create an API key, copy the auth variable, and use that variable as the value of this property. example: 69407-myurlkey

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