Scrapers & Serp API integrations

SerpBear has integrated the following web scrapers and Serp Apis to get the Serp Position of your keywords.

  • ScrapingRobot: A Free Scraper that allows you to scrape any web page. Scrape 5k Keyword scrapes per month free.

  • SpaceSerp: A cheap Serp API that offers a lifetime deal to scrape Google Search results. Pay $59 once and Scrape 15k Keyword scrapes per month free. You can purchase their lifetime plan from here.

  • Serply: A serp API that lets you make 100 keyword scrapes each month for free. They have a convenient Pay as you Go plan, which lets you make 1k keyword scrapes for $3.5 /month which can be useful if you are only tracking a small number of keywords.

  • SerpApi: A free Serp API that allows you to make 100 keyword scrapes per month for free. The paid plan starts from $50/month for 5k keyword scrapes.

  • SearchApi: A real-time SERP API that is available at no cost, offering up to 100 query scrapes each month. For more extensive needs, a subscription plan is available starting at $40 per month, which includes 10,000 searches.

  • ValueSerp: A cheap pay-as-you-go Google Serp scraper that prices $2.50 per 1k scrapes.

  • Serper: A Pay-as-you-go Google Serp scraper that has generous pricing ($1.00/1k) without making any monthly or yearly commitment. Note that the credits expire after 6 months.

  • ScrapingAnt: A Free Scraper that allows you to scrape any web page. Scrape 15k Keyword scrapes per month free. They have been recently blocking Google Scraping for free users. So you might need to upgrade to their paid plan. The paid plan is quite generous with 100,000 searches per month for $19/month.

  • Proxy: SerpBear also can use custom proxy ips to Scrape Google and get the position for your keywords.

SerpBear also has Google Search Console integration that lets you browse Google Search Console data directly from within the app.

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